Spiritual Healer and Naturopath in Cork

Spiritual Healing with Divine Love, Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing, Holistic Massage and Naturopathy

spiritual healer

The emphasis in this clinic is on Spiritual Healing with the help of God's love and divine light. The therapist transfers God's blessings and divine energy to the patient, which results in a purification of the metaphysical and physical body and cleansing of the chakras and aura of the patient.

Besides that the spiritual healer offers holistic massage, which is a very smooth, energetically healing treatment, which is done in a gentle flowing motion. The spiritual healing is combined with different naturopathic therapies depending on the illness of the patient. The naturopath works with a variety of therapies including flower essences, homeopathy, essential oils, herbs and crystals to re-establish the holistic health of the patient.

All treatments are available for an honest donation.


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Geistheiler und Heilpraktiker

Disclaimer: The therapist is not a licensed medical professional and doesn't give medical advice, medical prescriptions or medical diagnosis. Spiritual Healing and naturopathy are alternative and complementary to medical consultations.